GIS Asset Manager: A cloud based fixed asset management solution.

Affordable, easy to use, let's you track any fixed asset


Street lights, Street Signs, Parking Meters, Trees, Potholes, Park Benches, Bike Racks… You name it.

Street Light Management

Need to manage street lights you own?

  • Collect new or use existing data
  • Easily locate poles
  • Track repair history
  • Generate workorders and view them in the field
  • Get directions to the pole while on the go

Street Sign Management

Collect and manage street signs.

  • Collect sign data via tablet
  • Track Sign History
  • Regulatory, Warning, School, etc
  • Photographic history

Parking Meters

Collect and Track Parking meters

  • Locations
  • Condition
  • Repair Histories

Virtually Anything

Collect & Manage any Fixed asset

Trees, Bike Racks, Trash Cans, Potholes, Manhole Covers, Fire Hydrants….

What do you need to track?

Easy To Use

Our system is pretty easy to use, normally only a little training is required to get started


Quickly inspect existing assets like signs & storm water systems, etc


Mobile/Tablet friendly maps, work in the field or in the office


Search for assets along a particular section of road and report


Using your tablet you can easily take and attach photos to each asset



Inspection & History


Public Reporting

Allow the public to Report Issues



We are flexible and will customize to your individual needs

City of Williamsport, Streets & Parks

Williamsport has been using the system for 4 years. They track 3,200+ Street Lights and are starting the process of sign collection.